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Sold Huacaya

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 5Peruvian Picchucha Medium FawnFull PeruvianProven25Sold 
 Arapaho Accoyo Julie AnnWhiteProven15Sold 
 Arapaho Asia by VantaggioMedium Silver GreyUnproven2Sold 
 Arapaho Bisturi's DelightLight Brown3/4 PeruvianProven9Sold 
 Arapaho California SummitWhiteUnproven5Sold 
 Arapaho Cheveyo's SpringDark BrownProven8Sold 
 Arapaho Commander's Spirit WhiteFull PeruvianNon-Breeder12Sold 
 Arapaho Diplomat's Amber Dawn Light Brown1/2 PeruvianProven14Sold 
 Arapaho Dream's Come TrueWhiteUnproven4Sold 
 Arapaho Dreambuie's PearlLight Fawn5/8 PeruvianProven15Sold 
 Arapaho Dreambuie's Sedona Medium FawnFull PeruvianProven15Sold 
 Arapaho Echo by AntucoWhiteUnproven5Sold 
 Arapaho Fantine by VantaggioLight FawnUnproven7Sold 
 Arapaho Inti's Carmel Kiss Dark Fawn3/4 PeruvianProven14Sold 
 Arapaho Inti's Miss Molly White, Light Fawn5/8 PeruvianUnproven14Sold 
 Arapaho King of Perfection's MalikaBeigeFull PeruvianNon-Breeder9Sold 
 Arapaho Merle Haggard by El ReyMedium FawnUnproven3Sold 
 Arapaho Rico Suave's MulanWhiteFull PeruvianNon-Breeder8Sold 
 Arapaho Satin King's RenoWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven11Sold 
 Arapaho Sedona's RroyalLight BrownProven11Sold 
 Arapaho Sentinel's Citrine Light Fawn1/2 PeruvianProven11Sold 
 Arapaho Sentinel's Elphba Proven10Sold 
 Arapaho Sentinel's ManjarMedium Brown7/8 PeruvianUnproven11Sold 
 Arapaho Snow's Macchu PicchuWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven11Sold 
 Arapaho Spinosa's Afternoon DelightBay BlackUnproven2Sold 
 Arapaho Spinosa's Amber GlowLight BrownProven2Sold 
 Arapaho Spinosa's KeyaMedium FawnUnproven2Sold 
 Arapaho Spinosa's SpiceMedium Silver GreyUnproven2Sold 
 Arapaho Wind Warrior by SentinelLight FawnNon-Breeder5Sold 
 Arapaho XXXquisite's X-manLight Brown3/4 PeruvianNon-Breeder9Sold 
 Casanova's Peruvian DiplomatLight BrownFull PeruvianUnproven17Sold 
 CheveyoMedium Fawn5/8 PeruvianProven13Sold 
 Dreambuie's Arapaho RoseLight Brown1/2 PeruvianProven15Sold 
 Enchanter's Chica De Oro Light Fawn5/8 PeruvianProven16Sold 
 Followill ChloeWhite5/8 PeruvianProven17Sold 
 LV Antuco by IxionLight Rose GreyProven9Sold 
 Matador's LiliannMedium Brown3/4 PeruvianProven18Sold 
 Matador's RainWhiteFull PeruvianUnproven16Sold 
 Nova's Disney MagicMedium Brown3/4 PeruvianProven16Sold 
 Ruby MontezDark BrownFull ChileanProven10Sold 
 Snowmass Artic LaceWhiteProven15Sold 
 Snowmass Quechua's ContenderBeigeFull PeruvianProven14Sold 
 Snowmass ZimaWhiteFull ChileanProven25Sold 
 Tas LilaMedium Fawn3/4 PeruvianProven12Sold 
 WeeWalk's ZenyattaWhiteFull PeruvianNon-Breeder10Sold 

Sold Suri

 Alpaca NameColorHeritageStatusAgePrice 
 Amelia by Areo Ranch PicdardMedium FawnUnproven7Sold 
 Arapaho BB King by Rythem and BluesDark BrownUnproven1Sold 
 Arapaho Masqurade by Chas'kaBay BlackUnproven1Sold 
 Arapaho Tryst by MarauderMedium FawnUnproven3Sold 
 Arapaho's Lindbergh by PiccardWhiteUnproven6Sold 
 Cloverkist's Sunshine in WinterWhiteProven10Sold 
 GVA Secret RendezvousBay BlackProven8Sold 
 Rendezvous' Mantelletta by MarauderWhite, Dark Silver Grey, True BlackProven5Sold